The development prospects of  Jatropha sector in Tunisia

The development prospects of Jatropha sector in Tunisia

MEDREC has developed in 2008 a preliminary study on the development prospects of the chain of Jatropha in Tunisia.

Study on Energy Security in Tunisia

MEDREC with the financial support of GNESD and the assistance of a consultant, carried out a study on "Energy Security in Tunisia" in order to address the ongoing increase in international energy prices, and provide measures to ensure greater security of supply and access to energy in Tunisia.

Water, Heat and Electric Energy from Solar Pond technology “WHEESP”

Water, Heat and Electric Energy from Solar Pond technology “WHEESP”

This study was carried out by the Ministry of Industry, Energy, and Small and Medium Size Enterprises (TMIESME), the Ministry for the Environment and Sustainable Development of Tunisia, and the IMELS on cooperation in the area of climate change and development and implementation of projects under the Clean Development mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol. In the framework of MEDREC activities, the parties have jointly developed two pilot projects using “WHEESP” in the south of Tunisia.

Development of water pumping for small agricultural areas irrigation- Wind Energy

In the context of GNESD - MEDREC cooperation related to the identification of two niches from the renewable energies market in Tunisia, and the proposal of appropriate measures for their development, MEDREC has finalized a study entitled "RETs II final report”.

Promoting the use of TABOUNA Lids

The promotion of the use of TABOUNA leads allows the reduction of the use of wood energy for cooking traditional bread. In cooperation with GNESD, MEDREC has proposed further study on this niche in order to clarify the efficient potential, and establish the conditions of its success.

Development of small-scale irrigation pumping by renewable energies (DPPIER)

Following the completion of the study made in the context of the cooperation between GNESD and MEDREC concerning pumping water, MEDREC has proposed, in cooperation with ANME, to undertake more advanced study on wind and solar pumping for small farmlands that integrates all necessary actions for the sustainable development of wind and photovoltaic technology for small-scale irrigation in the purpose to change the scale of these technologies’ diffusion.

The Mediterranean Renewable Energy Centre


MEDREC is an operational platform and a think-tank for cooperation, with the core mission of supporting and boosting collaboration for Energy Transition and Sustainable Development in the mediterranean region.

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