Development of water pumping for small agricultural areas irrigation- Wind Energy

In the context of GNESD - MEDREC cooperation related to the identification of two niches from the renewable energies market in Tunisia, and the proposal of appropriate measures for their development, MEDREC has finalized a study entitled "RETs II final report". This research has started in January 2006 and identified two spots:


  • The wind and photovoltaic pumping for irrigation of small farmland
  • Rationalization of the use of firewood for cooking traditional bread

The study about the development of water pumping for small agricultural areas irrigation with wind energy took 6 months and included the following elements:

  • Conduction of a survey to identify potential sources of water equippable with wind pumps, the potential to replace diesel pumps by wind pumps, potential electric pumps replaced by wind pumps, the potential for wind power plant supplying several water points, the needs of supply, maintenance and repair of wind pumps structures.
  • The identification of the most appropriate technologies to Tunisia based on the cost, maintenance, availability of spare parts and suppliers and potential local manufacturing.
  • The identification of priority projects on the basis of technical and economic criteria.
  • The identification of a pilot project in a priority area on the basis of technical and economic criteria.
  • The identification of a project on a larger scale to cover 50% of the potential.
  • Designing a financing mechanism and facilitating the access to credits
  • The design of a support tool for decision which allows key players to choose the optimum pumping mode based on the characteristics of the farm exploitation.
  • The proposed communication actions in the direction of the Ministry of Agriculture and CRDA, NGOs, farmers, operators, and installers in the sector.
  • Designing a program of training and certification for installers and maintenance operators.
  • Identification of macro benefits of large-scale dissemination of this technology such as subsidies saved by the state on fossil fuels, or CDM contribution
  • The development of the PIN project on large-scale to identify buyers of emission certificates.

The main strategy for the promotion of the sector of utilizing renewable energies in Tunisia is the design and implementation of a pilot program on a significant scale, geographically concentrated in one or two areas, with the aim to test and validate the proposed phase before their institutionalization and diffusion mechanisms on large scale.

The proposed change of scale in the distribution of solar and wind pumping strategy is beyond the issue of financial support and rather based on the development of the sector of information, communication, and consultation in order to involve the authorities and agricultural services in the implementation of a program and allow the emergence of qualified and skilled operators

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