The development prospects of Jatropha sector in Tunisia

MEDREC has developed in 2008 a preliminary study on the development prospects of the chain of Jatropha in Tunisia which included:


  • An overview on the characteristics of the Jatropha Curcas plant
  • Estimate of the cost of production of agricultural seeds and biodiesel, and enhancement of the biomass (wood size, seed shells, leaves)
  • The development of opportunities of this sector and recommendations for its possible expansion in Tunisia.
  • Identification of some strategic guidelines for bio-fuel production, livestock feed and pellet from Jatropha, and other plants in Tunisia and valorisation of various biomass sources in Tunisia.

The benefits of developing the sector of Jatropha in Tunisia are not located directly on the use of biodiesel but at the valorisation of by-products (pellets, animal feed ...) and CDM related contributions corresponding to:

  • CDM contribution of Jatropha plantation can increase the annual agricultural turnover of by 15%
  • CDM contribution of the use of pellets can increase the annual turnover of the production of Jatropha oil in the range of 44% irrigated to 88% dry
  • CDM contribution of the use of bio-fuel Jatropha can increase the annual turnover on bio-fuel production in to the order of 4%
  • The needs of the Tunisian market Jatropha oil would require the cultivation of 478,300 ha in dry or 95,900 ha irrigated, where the corresponding pellet production of Jatropha, from this area, would meet in a dry 364% of the energy needs of the industries of building materials, ceramics and glass and space heating or 182% of needs in irrigated
  • The energy potential of biomass, off biogas (household waste), in Tunisia once fully valorised (1023 k toe / year), would cover about 91% of the consumption of co9nstruction materials industries, ceramics and glass subject to energy audit.
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