Regulatory and incentive framework for the promotion of solar thermal in Industrial Sector in Tunisia

This study is carried out by POLIMI, ANME, UNEP, and MEDREC, in the framework of "PROSOL Industrial", project TSP n#3, aims to review the incentives and regulatory instruments to promote the use of solar thermal in industrial sector in Tunisia, especially in the industry, describe the issues related to the pricing of energy products, especially those related to the industry, and aims as well to propose an incentive mechanism allowing the offset of the market for this kind of technology. The research included the following activities:


  • Review the existing incentive and regulatory framework and develop a new incentive tool to promote solar thermal systems in the Tunisian industrial sector.
  • Investigate new different incentives to be applied to solar thermal systems to make investments attractive for industries and for the Tunisian Government
  • Test the investigated incentives on the industries for which feasibility studies have been already elaborated in the precedent phase of PROSOL Industry
  • identify the most suitable incentive to strengthen the existing Tunisian regulatory framework for the promotion of solar thermal energy in industries and
  • Design the incentive mechanism in details
  • Investigate and address other regulatory issues, further to the incentive tool
  • Determine the Governmental funds necessary to provide the incentive and their coverage under the Government Budget
  • Draft a proposal to the Tunisian Government to integrate the identified incentive tool into the existing regulatory framework on solar thermal energy to strengthen the promotion of solar thermal technologies integration in industrial processes.
  • Address the role of financial institutions in providing credit
  • Organize and hold periodical round tables, consultation meeting with financial institution and consultation meetings with relevant authorities and partners
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