Assistance for the implementation of a program to promote solar water pumping for irrigation

In the framework of the project n#8 of TSP, and the promotion of the production of electrical energy by solar photovoltaic and solar thermal "Distributed Generation", the objective of this study, carried out by ANME, MEDREC, and IMELS, is to overcome the constraints which present barriers to the development of solar pumping in Tunisia through the proposal of setting up an integrated program to the promotion of this technology to farmers, focusing on:

  • An innovative, sustainable, and attractive financing mechanism to improve the economic viability of pumping projects and solve the problem of high cost of initial auto-financing required to the farmers.
  • The optimization of the choice of technical specifications related to solar pumping installations.
  • Communication and awareness awaking of the targeted public.

The research included the following parts:

  • Definition of technical requirements for photovoltaic and hybrid water pumping systems matching the specificities of wells and irrigation practices.
  • Comparative Economic study between pumping technology by diesel and solar (investment, operating costs, life, and return time of the solar pumping compared to diesel ...).
  • Definition of economic criteria of farmers in the integration of the project of solar pumping.
  • Identification of financing opportunities for solar water pumping project from funds and financial institutions locally and internationally.
  • Proposal of an attractive financing mechanism to promote solar water pumping for irrigation
  • Presentation of a manual procedure describing the intervention of the various parties involved in the mechanism
  • Proposal of the implementation of a communication plan to launch the project and during its progress, specifying the different communication media to put into practice.