ABCD Project : ALBEDO, Building Green, Control of Global Warming, Desertification

ABCD project was carried out by ANME and CIRIAF (Centro Interuniversitario di Ricerca sull'Inquinamento da Agenti Fisici) in the purpose of figuring out a cost-effective solution to reduce global warming and compensate the effect produced by the emission of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere are SRM (Solar Radiation Management) techniques as well as artificially modification of earth's surface reflectance increasing solar energy amount reflected towards space and reducing the amount of energy which contributes to the Earth's warming.

An assessment study was carried out in order to evaluate and plan an in-field testing in the Tunisian context, the existing patented technologies, whose purpose is to compensate the effect of greenhouse gases on earth temperature by high albedo surfaces increasing earth's surface reflectance in visible solar spectrum (wavelengths range: 0.2 – 4 μm) and earth's surface emission in infrared spectrum (wavelengths range: 4 – 25 μm). In this way the thermal earth balance is moved towards cooling compensating global warming tendency.

The assessment study main objective is to define the working plan for the implementation of a wide experimental in-field campaign aimed at the validation of the proposed technologies and methodologies which will be also reviewed from a theoretical stand point and focuses on the main following activities and issues:

This study has allowed:

  • Theoretical validation of the relation between surface albedo and associated global earth's temperature decrease
  • Quantification of CO2 compensation by albedo modification: experimental validation.
  • Relationship between the horizontal high albedo surface and emission trading.
  • Surface certification in terms of global warming reduction effectiveness.
  • Experimental activities with special regard to the selection of the experimental site in Tunisia, the planning of the campaign, the required equipment, the evaluation of potential positive economical, social, and environmental impacts.
  • Dissemination of the experimental results
  • Budget for the execution of the experimental campaign and other relevant activities.

Pilot project: CAT COLACEM

Digging deeper, this experimental campaign intends to validate the relation between "Albedo Acreage" in the industrial zone, the decrease of the global Earth temperature, and the reduction of the CO2 emissions. An experimental field site, Tunisian company CAT COLACEM, through the development of a wind farm for self-consumption, will help on exporting the experiences gained, ensuring the extension and communication, society awareness, multilevel participation, and institutional capacity building. The financing of implementation will be granted from for the public Italian institution and the Tunisian Institution and will involve CIRIAF, MEDREC, DURE, ENIT, and ENIM