Approval of the project REFAT -Renewable Energy for Agricultural and Rural Development in Tunisia- | MEDREC as implementation agency | 23-10-2018


The project REFAT -RENEWABLE ENERGY FOR AGRICULTURAL AND RURAL DEVELOPMENT IN TUNISIA- is part of a bilateral cooperation program between :


  • The Italian Ministry for Environment, Land and Sea Protection, IMELS
  • The Tunisian Ministry of Agriculture, Water Resources and Fisheries, MARHP

REFAT is a two year project, with budget estimated to 2 million Euros.

Project Objectives

  • Setting up an incentive scheme for more efficient energy production and consumption in small-scale agriculture, according to the National Strategy for Energy Management
  • Promoting renewable energy for water pumping and desalination according to the Energy Management Plan in the Water sector
  • Promoting green jobs in the agriculture sector
  • Modernizing and improving sustainable agricultural techniques

Project Scope

  • Dissemination of solar-powered irrigation systems and setting up demonstrators of low-energy water treatment techniques in small-scale agriculture (solar desalination of slightly brackish water and phytopurification in a rural area)
  • Integration of solar photovoltaics to mitigate the high energy consumption of drinking-water production systems
  • Capacity building of the key actors involved in the promotion of renewable energy in the framework of the nexus water-energy-food