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ANME has launched in the context of the Tunisian Solar Plan (TSP), in 2010, and in cooperation with local entities, Renewable Energy Direction (DER), TMIESME, the National Syndicale Chamber of Renewable Energies (CSNER), and banks; and international entities, IMELS, MEDREC, and UNEP-DTIE, TSP #7 which consists on the installation of 15 MW of solar roofs (6000 houses and 1000 public and private buildings) by 2016 and allowed the implementation of a regulatory and incentive framework including:

  • An authorization to the residential sector, institutions and group of active institutions in the industrial, agricultural, or tertiary sectors, to produce electricity from photovoltaic solar energy, for their appropriate consumption while benefiting from the right of produced energy’s surplus sale exclusively to the STEG.
  • The establishment of financial incentives for domestic use installations of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5 kW: a subsidy from the FNME representing 30% of the cost of the investment, with an upper limit of 3,000 dinars per kWp and 15,000 dinars per installation.
  • An in-kind participation of the STEG providing for free inverter(s).
  • An extra premium of 10% of the investment cost; granted by the IMELS.
  • A loan of 5 years to be refunded, with disregard to the added interests, on the bill of the STEG which will be outweighed with the bonus granted by the IMELS.
  • Transfer of the know-how to local technicians, through practical training in the field of PV system installation and maintenance of the panels.
  • Job creation in the field of solar energy. This was demonstrated through a rise in the number of eligible companies, from 51 in December 2010, to 70 in august 2011.

During this project, MEDREC has supported the pilot phase through a grant provided by IMELS on MEDREC budget, and the remaining amount through MEDREP facility allocated at UNEP-DTIE to cover the amounts incurred for solar installations completed in the project (907 facilities - 1619 kilowatts).

Since 2010, the added value of PROSOL ELEC lies in:

  • The new installations that have been implemented with a developed on-grid application (new regulatory and framework)
  • Individuals have become more aware of the need to reduce the consumption and to be more efficient
  • The surplus of energy not consumed is controlled by STEG at a fixed tariff.
  • Installers have become more experienced in implementing PV systems and have acquired the know-how allowing them to overcome potential problems

Realisation by the end of 2013:

  • 150 illegible installer’s companies
  • 61 active companies
  • 3150 solar building have asked for subsidies from FNME for a total power capacity of 6970 kWc and a total investment equal to 38 184 000 TND
  • The total subsidies are equivalent to 11 750 000 TND

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