The CDM Project

The first CDM project elaborated in Tunisia and registered PIN and PDD, entitled “Biogas recovery from household wastes landfills in the area of Tunis”, where IMELS has supported its registration under the Tunisian-Italian cooperation.

Development of the solar water heater market in the tertiary sector in Tunisia

The main objective of this project consists on the development and implementation of Tunisian policy on energy efficiency and renewable energies.

Promotion of Self-production of electricity by decentralized solar PV energy in Tunisia - PROSOL ELEC

The project is initiated as well by ANME which is aiming the development of the photovoltaic market throughout the republic, covering residential and commercial buildings.

The Mediterranean

Renewable Energy Centre

The MEDREC, based in Tunis, was launched by the Italian Ministry of Environment and Territory. It involves international and governmental Institutions of Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Morocco, and Tunisia. The center is the focal point of the Mediterranean Renewable Energy Program.

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